Client Testimonials

Patrick has been my agent through the process of selling a townhouse and buying another home.

He is very knowledgeable and uses sound judgment when confronted with difficult problems. His calm, direct forceful manner enables him to deal effectively with problem situations. He is an open-minded individual who is quite tolerant of individuals having opinions in conflict with his opinions.

Patrick makes a good appearance and is free from distracting mannerisms. He always appears healthy, energetic and physically fit.

You will find Patrick to be distinguished, inspirational, and a valued team member. He has my highest recommendation and I suspect he will grow in the Keller-Williams Realty organization. He is a super person and is able to convey related information convincingly and accurately.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Lester A. Tanner, Clent
Starting in January of this year, we discussed listing our home at 24642 Quigley Canyon Road, Newhall, with Patrick Fitzgibbons. We were concerned about the selling process and being able to sell by June. We also had requirements and conditions involving the sale. We had scheduled a family wedding in the front yard on May 11th. Therefore, we could not be out of the house until after that date. I, Sandra, also expressed the concern of having prospective buyers coming through the house as we prepared for the wedding and the move. Patrick assured us he would respect our concerns.

To make a long story short, the house was listed, we received two offers, accepted one offer, had a wedding and moved out of our home of 25 years by May 28th.

Patrick played such a major roll by handling our transaction with respect, concern, efficiency, and professionalism. We never had a concern he didn’t address immediately. In our opinion, Patrick is the BEST! He will forever have our thanks for all his diligent hard work.

We are home now in North Carolina and will always consider Patrick our dear friend.

Susan & William Dick,
Shopping for a new home couldn't have been a better experience with Patrick Fitzgibbons. We viewed so many properties that I lost count and every one was a fun experience. When we found my new home on Stonington Lane, Patrick stepped up above and beyond what his job as purchasing agent required. Because it was a difficult sale, he stepped in several times to help the listing agent make this sale happen. I am convinced, had he not done that I likely would not have gotten the home. I've since moved in and am loving my new home. Thanks Patrick for making it all possible!
Mike & Elaine,
I found Patrick from a flier that he left on my mother's door. Patrick actually answered the call & immediately put my mind at ease. I had letters from our bank telling me that they were beginning the foreclosure process & I was desperate & scared. He explained what the letter meant and the time frame in which all the steps the bank would follow. He spent over an hour on the phone with me asking me what my intentions & expectation were. He asked what our needs were concerning a new place. He asked me if we were going to buy something right away or if we needed to rent something for awhile. He even offered to put me in touch with people that specialize in renting properties.

My first call with him was at the end of February & we met with him the first week in March to start our home search. We looked at everything from condos to houses all over the entire SCV valley. We spent the whole day & He was familiar with all of the neighborhoods, schools & parks. He finally found us our dream house in Stevenson Ranch and We put in a bid that night. Then we began a bidding war that lasted several weeks. He calmed our fears and insecurities, and with patience and knowledge through the entire process. He was able to get us into a place in April and had our condo sold by June. He worked effortlessly and tirelessly with our bank to ensure that our short sale was handled properly.

It was a pleasure working with Patrick and he has now become a family friend for life. Give him the information & h will do the same for you.

Kimberly Ruttan,