My Home Is Listed For Sale. Should I Decorate For The Holidays?

It’s almost that time of the year again, when the streets of Santa Clarita are lit up and decorated for the holidays. However, if your home is listed for

Wakefield Court

sale, should you still decorate?

When it comes to showing your home for sale, there’s the notion that a home must be a nearly “sterile” environment devoid of decor, photos, wall art or anything else. In reality, it’s okay to use moderation and taste when deciding to keep or add touches to your home, especially around the holidays.


The main thing to consider when decorating the outside of your home is to make sure there aren’t SO many decorations that it impedes the view (and imagination) of your potential buyer. Large inflatables and other decorative lighting and items that obscure the exterior may be difficult for a buyer to get past in order to help him/her make up their mind as to whether your home is the right home for them.


Same goes for the inside of your home, especially if space is already an issue. Consider a slightly smaller tree and be a bit more choosy as to which decorations to put out so that the buyer can still see the amenities and space of the interior.


It would be best to wait to decorate the exterior and interior of your home until AFTER it has been photographed to be included in the Multiple Listing Service. This way, just in case an offer hasn’t come in, or if by chance your home goes back on the market for whatever reason after the holidays, your photos won’t look dated.

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