Wanna Get Your House Sold? Don’t Take It Personal!

Constructive Feedback From Your Agent and Potential Buyers May Be Necessary To Close The Deal

That collection of Faberge eggs adorning the added shelves in your livingroom.

Your wall full of autographed 8X10’s of famous actors you collected during your years working at a motion picture studio.

The overstuffed furniture in your family room that gives you that “cozy feeling.”

All of these are wonderful things you cherish about the life you built in your own home. However, your own personal tastes may not jibe with the current real estate market.

As a licensed real estate professional, it’s my job to provide you with the best advice and guidance that will help you sell your home at the best price possible. With that, occasionally I’ll need to provide you with feedback that will help make your home the most appealing to buyers. This means you may need to declutter, rearrange, clean, and maybe store some items and personal belongings.

The Buyer’s Approach

It’s not to say that you have to completely sterilize your home of all things personal, but you want to consider the psychology of the buyer. As they enter your home, they are visualizing the possibility of making it THEIR home. Too many personal items, knick knacks, furnishings, or clutter may interfere with that vision.

Listen to a Buyer’s Feedback

Your agent won’t be the only one providing feedback that may help you get an offer more quickly, a buyer may provide their own feedback as well. It’s actually not a bad thing when a buyer comments on your home, as it may be a sign of interest. Listen, take it in, and decide if their feedback may help you take the steps to closing the deal.

Again, don’t take it personal!

My job is to get your home sold. I know what it takes to get this done. I will always respect your wishes and your personal space, but know that the more open you are to constructive feedback, the quicker you’ll realize your real estate goals.

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